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Selasa, 31 Mei 2016

Multimedia Model Virtual Classroom Tour (VCT) Pada Pembelajaran Pecahan di Sekolah Dasar

Multimedia Model Virtual Classroom Tour (VCT) Pada Pembelajaran Pecahan di Sekolah Dasar

This study was a Research and Development that focuses on how to develop Virtual Classroom Tour Multimedia model on fraction instruction and learning supporting tools for learning based on multimedia (student’s book, student’s worksheet, and lesson plan) for elementary school. The model of tools development used in this research was based on 4-D Thiagrajan Model, which consisted of four stages: define, design, develop, and disseminate stage. The define stage includes 5 steps: (1) pre-analysis, (2) student’s analysis, (3) development need analysis, (4) topic analysis, and (5) task analysis. The design stage covers 4 steps: (1) learning design, (2) multimedia software design, (3) format selection, (4) the first design of prototype I (multimedia, learning tools support and instrument).

On development stage, the prototype I was validated by the expert. The validation results were then used as input for the development of prototype II. Afterwards, the prototype II was tested to get the prototype III. The results of this research showed that: (1) the multimedia products have very good quality, (2) the developed multimedia and learning tools support are already valid, practical and effective, (3) the student’s achievement of learning fraction base on multimedia  was categorized high with 76,98 of mean, deviation standard 18,09 and 78% of the students accomplished the learning target ; (4) Virtual Classroom Tour (VCT) model contributes benefits or impacts for teacher to develop the quality of learning. The final product after following the development stage above are interactive multimedia for student and VCT model for teacher that is packaged in autorun CD.

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